Vincent Dupont

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Inhibition has become the prominent explanation for individual differences in cognitive processes. However, almost nothing is known about the psychometric properties of the most frequently used measure of inhibition: the negative priming effect. In this paper, we report on two experiments aimed at evaluating the reliability of four negative priming(More)
OBJECTIVE We investigated the impact of two types of intermodal referring expressions on efficiency of instructions for use. BACKGROUND User manuals for software or technical devices such as a video recording system frequently combine verbal instructions and illustrations. Much research has shown that the presence of an illustration has a beneficial(More)
Using the examples of Ecuador and India, this article examines different forms of circular migration affecting the dynamics of urban populations, and considers their impact on how cities function. The authors look at the strategies of temporary migrants and commuters regarding how they fit into the geographic and occupational spaces available in cities,(More)
Currently, in France, it is legally impossible to conduct scientific research on tissue and organ samples taken from forensic autopsies. In fact, the law schedules the destruction of such samples at the end of the judicial investigation, and the common law rules governing cadaver research cannot be applied to the forensic context. However, nothing seems in(More)
Treatment records are preferential tools in nursing care. Depending on the setting, its development has gained greater importance during the last thirty years. In the environment of an organization in charge of the computerization of patient files, an evaluation was conducted on the contents of the anamneses and daily observations of nurses. This study,(More)
  • V Dupont
  • 1984
Major population trends in France since the end of World War II are described. Consideration is given to population growth, mortality, fertility, nuptiality, households, demographic aging, migration and the composition of the foreign population, spatial distribution (including urbanization and counter-urbanization), and the economically active population.(More)
Psycholinguistic research faces a major challenge in describing the mental representations readers construct from a text. It is now widely accepted that readers end with a representation of the situation described in the text. However, it is unclear whether this representation allows the activation of elements in accordance with their situation proximity.(More)
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