Vincent Duchêne

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Spatio-temporal gait characteristics (step and stride length, stride frequency, duty factor) were determined for the hind-limb cycles of nine bonobos (Pan paniscus) walking quadrupedally and bipedally at a range of speeds. The data were recalculated to dimensionless quantities according to the principle of dynamic similarity. Lower leg length was used as(More)
In this paper, we derive asymptotic models for the propagation of two and three-dimensional gravity waves at the free surface and the interface between two layers of immiscible fluids of different densities, over an uneven bottom. We assume the thickness of the upper and lower fluids to be of comparable size, and small compared to the characteristic(More)
We study one-dimensional scattering for a decaying potential with rapid periodic oscillations and strong localized singularities. In particular, we consider the Schrödinger equation Hǫ ψ ≡ ` −∂ 2 x + V 0 (x) + q (x, x/ǫ) ´ ψ = k 2 ψ ± outgoing as |x| → ∞. We derive their ǫ small asymptotic behavior, from which the asymptotic behavior of scattering(More)
The rigid-lid approximation is a commonly used simplification in the study of density-stratified fluids in oceanography. Roughly speaking, one assumes that the displacements of the surface are negligible compared with interface displacements. We offer a rigorous justification of this approximation in the case of two shallow layers of immiscible fluids with(More)
This study deals with asymptotic models for the propagation of one-dimensional internal waves at the interface between two layers of immiscible fluids of different densities, under the rigid lid assumption and with a flat bottom. We present a new Green-Naghdi type model in the Camassa-Holm (or medium amplitude) regime. This model is fully justified, in the(More)