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We present results on the mass of the nucleon and the ∆ using two dynamical degenerate twisted mass quarks. The evaluation is performed at four quark masses corresponding to a pion mass in the range of 690-300 MeV on lattices of size 2.1 fm and 2.7 fm. We check for cutoff effects by evaluating these baryon masses on lattices of spatial size 2.1 fm with(More)
  • Rudy Arthurr, Vincent Drach, Martin Hansenr, Ari Hietanenr, Claudio Picar, Francesco Sanninor
  • 2016
We investigate the continuum spectrum of the SU(2) gauge theory with N f = 2 flavours of fermions in the fundamental representation. This model provides a minimal template which is ideal for a wide class of Standard Model extensions featuring novel strong dynamics that range from composite (Goldstone) Higgs theories to several intriguing types of dark(More)
The paper is concerned with some data, obtained during a study of case histories and x-ray findings of 12 (0.1%) of 9260 patients treated over the last 10 years in a traumatology department at a regional hospital for various traumas. Posttraumatic oil embolism was diagnosed in these 12 patients during their life. Of them 2 patients were women, and 10 men(More)
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