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We present results on the mass of the nucleon and the ∆ using two dynamical degenerate twisted mass quarks. The evaluation is performed at four quark masses corresponding to a pion mass in the range of 690-300 MeV on lattices of size 2.1 fm and 2.7 fm. We check for cutoff effects by evaluating these baryon masses on lattices of spatial size 2.1 fm with(More)
  • Rudy Arthurr, Vincent Drach, Martin Hansenr, Ari Hietanenr, Claudio Picar, Francesco Sanninor
  • 2016
We investigate the continuum spectrum of the SU(2) gauge theory with N f = 2 flavours of fermions in the fundamental representation. This model provides a minimal template which is ideal for a wide class of Standard Model extensions featuring novel strong dynamics that range from composite (Goldstone) Higgs theories to several intriguing types of dark(More)
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