Vincent Djientcheu

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BACKGROUND This study was part of a series mandated by the Ministry of Public Health's National Epilepsy Control Program to obtain baseline data for a community-adapted epilepsy education program. METHODS We conducted 387 face-to-face interviews with subjects without epilepsy aged 15 years and above in 12 villages of the Akwaya Health District, Cameroon.(More)
BACKGROUND The relative frequency of compressive and non-compressive myelopathies and their aetiologies have not been evaluated extensively in most sub-Saharan African countries. The case of Cameroon is studied. METHODS Admission registers and case records of patients in the neurology and neurosurgery departments of the study hospital were reviewed from(More)
Tethered cord syndrome (TCS) is spinal cord fixation from multiple pathological entities. No case of TCShas been reported in our region. The goal of this case report was to describe a TCS managed at the Douala General hospital. Mrs. EEL, 23 year old consulted in 2012 for urinary and fecal incontinence. She had a past history of a spina bifida at birth(More)
Multiple myeloma is a malignant plasma cell disorder occurring mostly in people above 60 years old. The authors describe a case of multiple myeloma in a 36-year-old patient revealed by spinal cord compression and Herpes zoster with a rapidly unfavourable outcome.
BACKGROUND Neural tube defect is a serious disabling but preventable congenital malformation with an incidence of 1.99 per 1000 births in Yaounde [A.K. Njamnshi, V. d e P. Djientcheu, A. Lekoubou, M. Guemse, M.T. Obama, R. Mbu, S. Takongmo, I. Kago. Neural tube defects are rare among black Americans but not in Sub-Saharan black Africans: The case of(More)
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