Vincent Delcourt

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Focusing on improving security in public transports (here: trains), this paper presents a research project implementing an audio-video surveillance system. Combining audio analysis, video tracking and dedicated integration of audio-video acquisition and storage equipments, the proposed system addresses the task of providing an operator with a(More)
This paper presents an original system for the automatic recognition of catenary elements. Based on a bottom-up approach, our analysis is composed of two stages: the first stage provides recognition hypothesis regarding previously segmented elements, with a precision rate of 91.7 %. The second stage allows to correct some hypothesis using a Markovian model(More)
For the 9000 train accidents reported each year in the European Union [1], the Recording Strip (RS) and Filling-Card (FC) related to the train activities represent the only usable evidence for SNCF (the French railway operator) and most of National authorities. More precisely, the RS contains information about the train journey, speed and related Driving(More)
The aim of this paper is to present an automatic, image-based system for catenary maintenance, a novel application of machine vision which has no equivalent today. This study focuses on the detection of droppers in catenary staves. The system takes benefit from the fact that dropper location inside catenary staves follows mounting rules, an information that(More)
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