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The main focus of this paper is the problem of ensuring timeliness in safety critical systems. First, we introduce a method and its associated technique to model both real-time tasks and the timeliness ensuring concern when tasks are executed in parallel. This approach is based on formal aspects of our real-time tasks model and on the definition of the(More)
Multiprocessor scheduling problems are hard because of the numerous constraints on valid schedules to take into account. This paper presents new schedule representations in order to overcome these difficulties, by allowing processors to be fractionally allocated. We prove that these representations are equivalent to the standard representations when(More)
We present ΣC, a programming model and language for high performance embedded manycores. The programming model is based on process networks with non determinism extensions and process behavior specifications. The language itself extends C, with parallelism, composition and process abstractions. It is intended to support architecture independent, high-level(More)
Powertrain controllers are automotive applications that bring real-time constraints on software treatments based on the angular position of tooth in the motor. Theses constraints depend on the engine speed and can be as short as 100μsec. A time-triggered approach provides a predictable and reproducible execution of real-time systems but cannot cope with(More)