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As a consequence of the development of telecommunications radio astronomers have to deal with an increasing number of unworkable observations polluted by man-made radio interferences. Thus, a lot of efforts are made to develop specific mitigation techniques. However, it appears that algorithm efficiency is related to the quality of the acquisitions. The(More)
Horizontal and polygenic resistance is race-nonspecific and, therefore, more durable, unlike vertical resistance, which is race-specific and unstable. However, this division is perhaps not so obvious since some cultivar × isolate interactions have already been observed for plant species with partial resistance. Carrot is known to be partially resistant to(More)
Combining biparental and multiparental connected population analyses was useful for the identification of 11 QTLs in two new genetic backgrounds of carrot resistance to Alternaria dauci and for breeding recommendations. Leaf blight due to the fungus Alternaria dauci is the major carrot foliar disease worldwide. Some resistance QTLs have been previously(More)
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