Vincent Chevrin

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We are involved in research on new interactive systems for e-Commerce, especially in the B-to-C perspective. These works are in the crossroads of HCI and e-Services area. So, we have studied existing researches about web services, which appear insufficient for our needs. First of all, we explain the complexity of the interactive systems for direct(More)
Using previous experiences of designing e-learning systems, we have started a new project, Ubi-Learn, which aims to support the remote learners in various situations, mobile or fixed. This means a great variety of communication channels such as Web, email, SMS, phone call… This leads us to consider a large range of scenarios of use, where channels are(More)
This paper deals with the designing of a generic architecture which supports multi-channel interactions in the e-Services context. In a first part we present the aim of this study and his framework. In the second part, we discuss about ours first investigations for the design of this architecture using multi-agents technologies.
This paper focuses on the mediation between Interactive e-Services (IeS) and channels used during human-organisation interactions. This mediation consists in a succession of service adaptations, changing from an abstract structure to a concrete one. Our contribution is mainly devoted to aspects concerning the Quality of Service (QoS), particularly about(More)
This article presents the notion of plasticity for digital documents. We study the multiple manners to present an electronic document, in order to personalize it according to the form and to the content. This adaptation of the document can be made according to several criteria of personalization. We are interested more particularly in the methods of(More)
This paper presents an initial study of multichannel interactions within the framework of the E-Marketing. A analysis and prediction theoretical framework, based on the one hand on concepts resulting from psycholinguistics, and the other hand on information theories, more managerial, is proposed. An initial synthesis in terms of index properties of the(More)