Vincent C Kelley

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Random plasma somatomedin-C levels were measured in 101 children aged 7 months to 18 years with growth at or below the 5th percentile. 87 of 101 had short stature due to constitutional delay or genetic predisposition and 14 were growth hormone deficient. In the short normal group mean somatomedin-C levels were: 0-2 years: 0.22±0.02U/ml; 2-5 years:(More)
skull and a short vertebral column in the middle, which was connected at its lower end to a pelvic girdle. The lower limb skeletons, which were complete, arose from the pelvic girdle. Histologically, the specialized tissues found were skin with hair follicles and sweat glands. Sebaceous glands were conspicuous by their absence. Also cartilage, bone marrow,(More)
A group of epileptic and nonepileptic patients from an institution for mentally retarded persons was surveyed for roentgenographic and biochemical abnormalities of calcium metabolism. Osteoporosis, hypocalcemia, and increased alkaline phosphatase were found to be significantly increased in incidence in the epileptic group. The only significant difference(More)
A case report of an apparently unique progeroid syndrome is reported here. Major clinical characteristics included growth failure with onset of senility in the early teens, atrophic skin, hypogonadism, and retinal and vascular sclerosis. Mental retardation was present, but could have been attributable to trauma. The replicative life spans of several lines(More)
Twenty-five patients with Turner Syndrome were treated with oxandrolone for six or more months. Mean growth velocity for the first year of treatment was significantly greater than pretreatment control growth velocity. Overall, there was no excessive skeletal maturation. Mean "final" height in nine XO patients (146.4 cm) was significantly greater than mean(More)
Thyroid function has been studied in 121 patients between 13 and 48 years old with proven Down syndrome. Chemically, hypothyroidism was found in 17% and hyperthyroidism in 2.5% of the patients; 18% of patients had goiter. Thyroid antibodies were detected in 33% of subjects studied. The abnormal findings were almost equally distributed between the sexes(More)