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In this paper, design and measurement results of a test chip that intends to evaluate differences between layout techniques for rectangular unit-capacitor arrays are introduced. Precision capacitor ratios are compared using a switched-capacitor biquad and a pseudo-floating gate configuration. The test chip is used to evaluate the effectiveness of an(More)
In this paper, a layout scheme for accurate common-centroid rectangular unit-capacitor arrays is presented with detailed explanation of the rules used to improve matching. This layout technique is combined with a common-centroid arbitrary-value capacitor placement algorithm to form an automatic capacitor array generation tool. Finally, design and(More)
Here we present the CAIRO+ language, based on C++ functions, dedicated to the design of analog function generators. This language is aimed to enable the designer to store his knowledge into a generator. The generator is used to size fixed topologies with different specifications. It can also be used to migrate analog functions between different(More)
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