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  • V. Boudon, S. Fally, +6 authors J. Vander Auwera
  • 2009
This paper describes the status of the 2008 edition of the HITRAN molecular spectroscopic database. The new edition is the first official public release since the 2004 edition, although a number of crucial updates had been made available online since 2004. The HITRAN compilation consists of several components that serve as input for radiative-transfer(More)
This paper describes the status of the 2012 edition of the HITRAN molecular spectroscopic compilation. The new edition replaces the previous HITRAN edition of 2008 and its updates during the intervening years. The HITRAN molecular absorption compilation is comprised of six major components structured into folders that are freely accessible on the internet.(More)
Spectra from Cassini's Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer reveal the presence of a vast tropospheric cloud on Titan at latitudes 51 degrees to 68 degrees north and all longitudes observed (10 degrees to 190 degrees west). The derived characteristics indicate that this cloud is composed of ethane and forms as a result of stratospheric subsidence and(More)
  • G. Rixon, M. L. Dubernet, +41 authors C. J. Zeippen
  • 2011
The Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre (VAMDC, http://www.vamdc.eu/) is a European-Union-funded collaboration between groups involved in the generation, evaluation, and use of atomic and molecular data. VAMDC aims to build a reliable, open, flexible and interoperable e-science interface to existing atomic and molecular data. The project will cover(More)
As a tetrahedral molecule, methane has no permanent dipole moment. Its spectrum, however, displays faint absorption lines in the THz region, due to centrifugal distorsion effects. This is important for planetary applications since this region is used to measure methane concentration in some planetary atmospheres , in particular on Titan. Up to now, all(More)
A long-range remote sensing of severe accidents in nuclear power plants can be obtained by monitoring the online emission of volatile fission products such as xenon, krypton, caesium and iodine. The nuclear accident in Fukushima was ranked at level 7 of the International Nuclear Event Scale by the NISA (Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency) according to the(More)
The interaction potential energy and the interaction-induced dipole moment surfaces of the van der Waals C(2)H(4)-C(2)H(4) complex has been calculated for a broad range of intermolecular separations and configurations in the approximation of rigid interacting molecules. The calculations have been carried out using high-level ab initio theory with the(More)
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We report semiclassical line broadening calculations for methane perturbed by nitrogen at room temperature. For this, we have developed a symmetrized version of the Robert and Bonamy theory. The interaction potential was built from electrostatic (octopole and hexadecapole for methane, quadrupole for nitrogen) and atom-atom contributions. The relative(More)