Vincent Bonneterre

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OBJECTIVE To analyze occupational and non-occupational exposure factors suspected of being associated with scleroderma (SSc), with a view to inculpating or excluding certain potentially toxic substances (e.g., solvents), thereby contributing to the recognition of such toxins in the field of occupational health. METHODS The study comprised 10 men and 83(More)
OBJECTIVE The French national occupational disease surveillance and prevention network (RNV3P) includes the 30 occupational disease consultation centres in university hospitals to which patients are referred for potentially work-related diseases, and an occupational health service. The aim of this work is to demonstrate the contribution of RNV3P to national(More)
OBJECTIVES The French National Occupational Diseases Surveillance and Prevention Network (RNV3P) is a French network of occupational disease specialists, which collects, in standardised coded reports, all cases where a physician of any specialty, referred a patient to a university occupational disease centre, to establish the relation between the disease(More)
This systematic review assesses the validity of epidemiological questionnaires used to measure psychosocial and organizational work factors (POWFs) in nurses. Of the 632 articles published between 1980 and July 2008 identified in this review, 108 provide some data concerning analysis of the intrinsic characteristics of such instruments (content validity or(More)
Surveillance of work-related diseases and associated exposures is a major issue of public health, in particular for identifying and preventing new threats for health. In the occupational health context, the French national occupational disease surveillance and prevention network (RNV3P) have constructed a growing database that records every year all(More)
Recent epidemiological findings have suggested that urban atmospheric pollution may have adverse effects on the cardiovascular system as well as on the respiratory system. We carried out an exhaustive search of published studies investigating links between coronary heart disease and urban atmospheric pollution. The review was conducted on cited articles(More)
BACKGROUND Quality of care, job satisfaction and the health of registered nurses (RNs) are associated with their exposure to psychosocial and organisational work factors (POWFs). OBJECTIVES To develop and validate an extended version of the Revised Nursing Work Index (NWI-R), the NWI-EO (Extended Organisation) tool specifically designed for occupational(More)
Standard treatment of small-cell lung cancer (SCLC) is a combination of etoposide and platinum for patients with extensive disease, associated with radiotherapy for patients with limited disease (LD). Therapeutic strategies for relapse, although well characterized, are disappointing. Between 1997 and 2009, 300 patients were treated for SCLC at Grenoble(More)
BACKGROUND In 1987, the International Agency for Research into Cancer classified shoemaking and cobbling as a definite human carcinogen. However, there are 10 times fewer articles published on Medline compared to wood dust which also induces sino-nasal cancer. AIM To improve the medical, technical and social management of this type of cancer in the shoe(More)
OBJECTIVE Knowledge on the time-course (trends) of work-related asthma (WRA) remains sparse. The aim of this study was to describe WRA trends in terms of industrial activities and the main causal agents in France over the period 2001-2009. METHOD Data were collected from the French national network of occupational health surveillance and prevention(More)