Vincent Bombardier

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In this paper, an iterative method to select suitable features in an industrial pattern recognition context is proposed. It combines a global method of feature selection and a fuzzy linguistic rule classifier. It is applied to an industrial fabric textile context. The aim of the global vision system is to identify textile fabric defects. From the related(More)
Surveys in ISP and telecommunication companies around the world showed that power consumption of network significantly elevated over the years. Furthermore, studies indicated that major contributors to the power consumption of network are the power consumed by routers and switch during the runtime. Therefore, minimizing the power consumption of these(More)
An iterative method to select suitable features in an industrial fabric defect recognition context is proposed in this paper. It combines a global feature selection method based on the Choquet integral and a fuzzy linguistic rule classifier. The experimental study shows the wanted behaviour of this approach: the feature number decreases whereas the(More)
In this paper, two ways for automatically designing a hierarchical classifier is checked. This study deals with a specific context where is necessary to work with a few number of training samples (and often unbalanced), to manage the subjectivity of the different output classes and to take into account an imprecision degree in the input data. The aim is(More)