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Software vendors depend on suppliers to provide the underlying technology for domain specific solutions. As a consequence, software vendors cooperate with suppliers to deliver a product. This cooperation results in supplier dependence, but also leads to opportunities. We present the results of an exploratory research based on twenty-seven case studies,(More)
Platforms and their marketplaces with complementarities are prominent in the software industry. As the proprietary platform itself exhibits elementary or generic functionality, platform owners depend on a complementor ecosystem populated by third-parties. At present, little is known about mechanisms at play in proprietary ecosystems. Addressing this(More)
Application portfolio management concerns the management of all technology and applications, and is a complex task under pressure of increasing collaboration among hospitals. Various approaches to application portfolio management are described in existing literature, but are directed at commercial enterprises rather than health care organizations.(More)
Biology and evolution lie at the heart of the ecosystem metaphor that is recurrently applied in the digital era. Although the evolution and analogy with evolutionary biology is acknowledged within the research domains of business ecosystems and digital ecosystems, several key definitions and self-organizing properties of ecosystems have not been fully(More)
BACKGROUND Health care providers resort to informal temporary practices known as workarounds for handling exceptions to normal workflow that are unintentionally imposed by electronic health record (EHR) systems. Although workarounds may seem favorable at first sight, they are generally suboptimal and may jeopardize patient safety, effectiveness, and(More)
Healthcare organizations have shown growing interest in implementing lean management. Through systematically identifying and eliminating waste, fewer resources are needed while similar or higher quality healthcare can be delivered. However, doing so demands a holistic view of the interrelationships between all sub-processes and their deliverables within a(More)
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