Vincent Beugin

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We demonstrate that direct sequence optical code- division multiple-access (DS-OCDMA) encoders and decoders using sampled fiber Bragg gratings (S-FBGs) behave as multipath interferometers. In that case, chip pulses of the prime sequence codes generated by spreading in time-coherent data pulses can result from multiple reflections in the interferometers that(More)
We present ArF laser-induced dynamics of Bragg grating (BG) growths in phosphosilicate-doped or germanosilicate-doped core photonic crystal fibers (PCFs). To this end, we have adapted the technique of H2 loading, usually used in conventional fiber, to the case of microstructured fiber, allowing both the concentration of hydrogen in the PCFs to be kept(More)
This paper presents the experimental demonstration of a 1 Gbps Direct Sequence Optical Code Division Multiple Access (DS-OCDMA) system using pulsed coherent source. Encoding and decoding using Prime Sequence codes are achieved by Sampled Fiber Bragg Gratings (S-FBGs). The encoders/decoders have been designed with OptiGrating software and realized with Phase(More)
Bragg Gratings (BGs) have been written within either H2-loaded or UV-hypersensitized phosphorous-germanium co-doped silica planar waveguides through exposure to light at 248 nm. The stability of these BGs has been investigated by means of isochronal annealing experiments. It appears that the stability of both the modulation and the Bragg wavelength is(More)
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