Vincent Andrés

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Phosphoglycerate mutase (PGM) and creatine phosphokinase (CK) occur as three isozymes (types MM, MB and BB) in mammals and these exhibit similar transitions during skeletal muscle development. To study the influence of innervation on this transition and on the maintenance of the isozyme phenotype in mature muscle, we have determined the changes produced by(More)
This paper deals with the learning of understandable decision rules with connectionist systems. Our approach consists of extracting fuzzy control rules with a new fuzzy neural network. Whereas many other works on this area propose to use combinations of nonlinear neurons to approximate fuzzy operations, we use a fuzzy neuron that computes max-min(More)
Nine newborn infants with histories of perinatal asphyxia are presented. The pneumoencephalographic findings which led to the diagnosis are typical and constant. They include marked subcortical atrophy with rounded, dilated, and undisplaced lateral ventricles. Cystography with 3 cc of air demonstrated multiple subcortical and pareventricular cavities,(More)
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