Vincent Anayochukwu Ani

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BACKGROUND Bitter cumin (Centratherum anthelminticum (L.) Kuntze), is a medicinally important plant. Earlier, we have reported phenolic compounds, antioxidant, and anti-hyperglycemic, antimicrobial activity of bitter cumin. In this study we have further characterized the antioxidative activity of bitter cumin extracts in various in vitro models. METHODS(More)
Telecommunications industry requires efficient, reliable and cost-effective hybrid power system as alternative to the power supplied by diesel generator. This paper proposed an operational control algorithm that will be used to control and supervise the operations of PV/Wind-Diesel hybrid power generation system for GSM base station sites. The control(More)
Power supply is one of the major problems of the banking industry of many emerging economies, such as Nigeria, particularly as the banks strive to modernize and offer quality services, such as electronic banking. This paper proposed a PV/Diesel hybrid power generation system suitable for banking. The study is based on simulation and optimization of hybrid(More)
This paper gives a well-documented health risk of fuel-based lighting (kerosene lamps and fuel-powered generators) and proposed a design of a stand-alone solar PV system for sustainable home lightings in rural Nigerian area. The design was done in three different patterns of electricity consumptions with energy efficient lightings (EELs) using two different(More)
This paper explores the best energy options by which the choice of the most energy optimized solution for a given GSM Base Station Site and location in any rural area in Nigeria can be made. The patterns of load consumption by mobile base stations at various geographical locations in rural areas are studied and suitably modeled for optimization using HOMER(More)
Citation: Ani VA (2015) Feasibility analysis and simulation of a stand-alone photovoltaic energy system for electricity generation and environmental sustainability – equivalent to 650VA fuel-powered generator – popularly known as “I pass my neighbour”. Front. Energy Res. 3:38. doi: 10.3389/fenrg.2015.00038 Feasibility analysis and simulation of a(More)
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