Vincent Aimez

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In 1998, Bender and Boettcher found that a wide class of Hamiltonians, even though non-Hermitian, can still exhibit entirely real spectra provided that they obey parity-time requirements or PT symmetry. Here we demonstrate experimentally passive PT-symmetry breaking within the realm of optics. This phase transition leads to a loss induced optical(More)
We study experimentally and numerically the nonlinear scattering of wave packets by local multisite guiding centers embedded in a continuous dielectric medium as a function of the input power and angle of incidence. The extent of trapping into the linear modes of different sites is manipulated as a function of both the input power and the angle of(More)
We overview our recent results on spatio-spectral control, diffraction management, broadband switching, and self-trapping of poly-chromatic light in periodic photonic lattices in the form of rainbow gap solitons, polychromatic surface waves, and multigap color breathers. We show that an interplay of wave scattering from a periodic structure and interaction(More)
The recent theoretical predictions and experimental observations of discrete surface solitons propagating along the interface between a one-or two-dimensional continuous medium and a one-or two-dimensional waveguide array are reviewed. These discrete solitons were found in second order (periodically poled lithium niobate) and third order nonlinear media,(More)
We report on design, simulation and fabrication of ultimate and compact 3D close-geometries optical microcavities. These are based on the extension of the so-called 2.5D nanophotonic approach where a quasi 3D control of the photons has been soon demonstrated by our group. A tight control of photons, spectrally and spatially, in a small air region inside a(More)
We report on Chemical Beam Epitaxy (CBE) growth of wavelength tunable InAs/GaAs quantum dots (QD) based superluminescent diode's active layer suitable for Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). The In-flush technique has been employed to fabricate QD with controllable heights, from 5 nm down to 2 nm, allowing a tunable emission band over 160 nm. The emission(More)
The wavelength selective linear absorption in communication C-band is investigated in CMOS-processed PECVD silicon nitride rings. In the overcoupled region, the linear absorption loss lowers the on-resonance transmission of a ring resonator and increases its overall quality factor. Both the linear absorption and ring quality factor are maximized near 1520(More)
We study waveguide fabrication in lithium-niobo-phosphate glass, aiming at a practical method of single-stage fabrication of nonlinear integrated-optics devices. We observed chemical transformations or material redistribution during the course of high repetition rate femtosecond laser inscription. We believe that the laser-induced ultrafast heating and(More)
We demonstrate a regrowth-free material platform to create monolithic InGaAsP/InP photonic integrated circuits (PICs) with high-gain active and low-loss passive sections via a PL detuning of >135 nm. We show 2.5 µm wide by 400 µm long semiconductor optical amplifiers with >40 dB/mm gain at 1570 nm, and passive waveguide losses <2.3 dB/mm. The bandgap in the(More)