Vincenc Almenar

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The paper deals with the design and implementation on FPGA of an intermediate frequency transceiver for OFDM-based WLAN. The circuit has been particularized for the HIPERLAN/2 standard, but most of the work can be generalized to IEEE 802.11a/g standards. The system is composed of three main blocks (autocorrelator, CORDIC, and FFT processor) that are used in(More)
Many systems exist (TOA, AOA, RSSI) that can be used with diverse technologies (ultrasounds, infrared, Bluetooth, 802,11...) for indoor location. In this article we choose to apply TOA on a ZigBee network, to be able to add useful functionalities for other applications in an existing network and, in addition, achieve minimum consumption and low cost. The(More)
This paper presents the design of an area-power efficient digital down-converter suitable for broadband communication systems. The DVB-S standard has been used as a design example. It has been shown that by selecting a bandpass sampling to generate only one spectral image, the case in which the relationship between the digital carrier frequency and the(More)
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