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HspBP1 belongs to a family of eukaryotic proteins recently identified as nucleotide exchange factors for Hsp70. We show that the S. cerevisiae ortholog of HspBP1, Fes1p, is required for efficient protein folding in the cytosol at 37 degrees C. The crystal structure of HspBP1, alone and complexed with part of the Hsp70 ATPase domain, reveals a mechanism for(More)
BACKGROUND INFORMATION Heat-inducible Hsp72 is the founding member of the Hsp70 (heat shock proteins of 70 kDa) family of molecular chaperones. It is localized primarily in cytoplasm and nucleus but is also found extracellularly. The source of e-Hsp72 (extracellular Hsp72) is not precisely identified and may not be the same in every situation. A number of(More)
HIV-1 efficiently hijacks host cellular machinery and exploits a plethora of host-viral interactions for its successful survival. Identifying host factors that affect susceptibility or resistance to HIV-1 may offer a promising therapeutic strategy against HIV-1. Previously, we have reported that heat shock proteins, HSP40 and HSP70 reciprocally regulate(More)
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