Vince E Neall

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The vent-hosted hydrothermal system of Ruapehu volcano is normally covered by a c. 10 million m3 acidic crater lake where volcanic gases accumulate. Through analysis of eruption observations, granulometry, mineralogy and chemistry of volcanic ash from the 1995^1996 Ruapehu eruptions we report on the varying influences on environmental hazards associated(More)
Ambrym in Vanuatu is a persistently degassing island volcano whose inhabitants harvest rainwater for their potable water needs. The findings from this study indicate that dental fluorosis is prevalent in the population due to fluoride contamination of rainwater by the volcanic plume. A dental survey was undertaken of 835 children aged 6-18 years using the(More)
Citation: Stirling M, Bebbington M, Brenna M, Cronin S, Christophersen A, Deligne N, Hurst T, Jolly A, Jolly G, Kennedy B, Kereszturi G, Lindsay J, Neall V, Procter J, Rhoades D, Scott B, Shane P, Smith I, Smith R, Wang T, White JDL, Wilson CJN and Wilson T (2017) Conceptual Development of a National Volcanic Hazard Model for New Zealand. Front. Earth Sci.(More)
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