Vinaykumar S Masamatti

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Oral squamous papillomas are benign proliferating lesions induced by human papilloma virus. These lesions are painless and slowly growing masses. As an oral lesion, it raises concern because of its clinical appearance. These lesions commonly occur between age 30 and 50 years, and sometimes can occur before the age of 10 years. Oral squamous papilloma(More)
Several procedures are advised to manage fractured anterior tooth structure using acrylic resin, composite restoration, ceramic or metal crown with ceramic facing. Biologic restoration is a procedure to restore fractured tooth structure with natural tooth material. In this in vitro case we have made an attempt for aesthetic rehabilitation of maxillary(More)
OBJECTIVE The aesthetics of the patient can be improved by surgical reconstruction of interdental papilla by using an advanced papillary flap interposed with subepithelial connective tissue graft. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of fifteen sites from ten patients having black triangles/papilla recession in the maxillary anterior region were selected and(More)
Background: Healthy gingiva plays an important role in the esthetic appearance of the smile. Gingival recession gives unaesthetic look. Dramatic aesthetic results have been obtained with the flexible silicone gingival mask which can be used to correct deformities remaining after control of destructive periodontal disease. Case Report: This case report(More)
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