Vinayak Tripathi

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—Incremental redundancy, or Hybrid type-II ARQ (HARQ), algorithms use a combination of forward error correction and retransmissions to guarantee reliable packet data communications. In this work, we propose a HARQ algorithm that exploits received packet reliability to improve system performance. Specifically, the receiver uses the average magnitude of the(More)
—The problem of initial acquisition of the channel parameters of a wideband CDMA signal received in a multipath fading environment with multiaccess interference is considered. Since the signal is wideband, the fading is frequency selective and the parameters of interest are the (complex) gains and delays in the corresponding tapped delay line model for the(More)
—An adaptive iterative (turbo) decision-feedback equalizer (DFE) for channels with intersymbol interference (ISI) is presented. The filters are computed directly from the soft decisions and received data to minimize a least-squares (LS) cost function. Numerical results show that this method gives a substantial improvement in performance relative to a turbo(More)
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