Vinayak Tripathi

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Incremental redundancy, or Hybrid type-II ARQ (HARQ), algorithms use a combination of forward error correction and retransmissions to guarantee reliable packet data communications. In this work, we propose a HARQ algorithm that exploits received packet reliability to improve system performance. Specifically, the receiver uses the average magnitude of the(More)
The problem of initial acquisition of the channel parameters of a wideband CDMA signal received in a multipath fading environment with multiaccess interference is considered. Since the signal is wideband, the fading is frequency selective and the parameters of interest are the (complex) gains and delays in the corresponding tapped delay line model for the(More)
An adaptive iterative (turbo) decision-feedback equalizer (DFE) for channels with intersymbol interference (ISI) is presented. The filters are computed directly from the soft decisions and received data to minimize a least-squares (LS) cost function. Numerical results show that this method gives a substantial improvement in performance relative to a turbo(More)
BACKGROUND Many workers have reported halotolerant bacteria from saline conditions capable of protease production. However, antibiotic resistance and heavy metal tolerance pattern of such organisms is not documented very well. Similarly, only a few researchers have reported the pattern of pH change of fermentation medium during the course of protease(More)
BACKGROUND Production of alkaline protease from various bacterial strains using statistical methods is customary now-a-days. The present work is first attempt for the production optimization of a solvent stable thermoalkaline protease by a psychrotrophic Pseudomonas putida isolate using conventional, response surface methods, and fermentor level(More)
We develop a dynamic, general equilibrium model to understand how multinationals affect host countries through knowledge diffusion. Workers learn from their managers and knowledge diffusion takes place through worker mobility. We identify two forces that determine wages: the labor demand effect and the learning effect. The former tends to raise wages while(More)
The present study was aimed to make an assessment of health risk due to pollution and human pathogenic bacteria associated with the recreational and drinking water sources in twin densely populated holy Indian cities Ayodhya and Faizabad. Though physicochemical studies revealed that the water available in the area is under recommended limits for human use,(More)
In the first chapter, we consider the problem of first-best implementation in dynamic, interdependent-value environments where agents have quasi-linear preferences and private types are correlated. Our first candidate solution (I.M.) relies on methods typically seen in games with imperfect monitoring. We derive conditions under which this approach gives the(More)
The main purpose of this paper is to estimate panel data models with endogenous regressors and nonadditive unobserved individual heterogeneity including, for example, linear and nonlinear models where all the parameters can vary across individuals. The quantities of interest are means, variances, and other moments of the individual parameters. Since(More)