Vinayak S. Adki

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The cactus family is unusual among tropical plants. Cacti, known for their minimum water requirement, have been grown extensively in arid lands, for food, feeds and medicinal and therapeutic uses.Several food products have cacti as a main ingredient. Cacti biochemical analysis substantiate the high nutritive value of this plant family. Tissue cultures,(More)
Phytoremediation is considered as an effective viable alternative to remediate the contaminated sites, industrially hazardous chemicals and other toxic pollutants. This bioremediation option offers a safe, cheap and eco friendly alternative to existing physical and chemical remediation technologies as well as other biological sources. The wall paint(More)
Production of recombinant proteins is primarily established in cultures of mammalian, insect, and bacterial cells. Concurrently, concept of using plants to produce high-value pharmaceuticals such as vaccines, antibodies and dietary proteins have received worldwide attention. Newer technologies for plant transformation such as plastid engineering,(More)
Hexavalant chromium [Cr(VI)] tolerance and accumulation in in vitro grown Nopalea cochenillifera Salm. Dyck. plants was investigated. A micropropagation protocol was establish for a rapid multiplication of N. cochenillifera and [Cr(VI)] tolerance and accumulation was studied in in vitro grown cultures. Cr concentration was estimated by atomic absorption(More)
Cactaceae Nopalea cochenillifera cell cultures and intact plants (cladodes) transform various toxic textile dyes, including Red HE7B into less phytotoxic, non-hazardous metabolites. The [tentative] pathway analysis demonstrates that Red HE7B is transformed into 3-amino-5-imino-5,8-dihydronaphthalen-2-ol, 2-amino-6-(carboxycarbonyl)-3,4-dihydroxybenzoic(More)
Environment damages by pollutants from various sources have become a very serious predicament posing grave threats to mankind, plant wealth and other life forms. It is a challenging and daunting task to overcome this problem for which various physical, chemical and biological remedies have been followed successfully in some cases. Among the biological(More)
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