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Oral infections have a strong ethnic predilection; suggesting that ethnicity is a critical determinant of oral microbial colonization. Dental plaque and saliva samples from 192 subjects belonging to four major ethnicities in the United States were analyzed using terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism (t-RFLP) and 16S pyrosequencing.(More)
Recommended Citation Du, Kaifang. "Regional pulmonary function analysis using image registration." MS gate of lung research and helped me a lot in both work and life, with his aggressive research spirit, profound knowledge and optimistic life attitude. I enjoyed working with him. I would like to give special thanks to Kunlin Cao, who is a phD candidate of(More)
Automated fundus image analysis plays an important role in the computer aided diagnosis of ophthalmologic disorders. A lot of eye disorders, as well as cardio-vascular disorders, are known to be related with retinal vasculature changes. Many studies has been done to explore these relationships. However, most of the studies are based on limited data obtained(More)
The authors would like to supply additional information in relation to the study. The characteristics of the sample population included in the study are outlined in the table supplied. The methods pertaining to this are as follows: Informed consent and inclusion into study: Each subject who qualified for the study was explained the purpose and procedures of(More)