Vinayak Joshi

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Recent evidence suggests that smoking affects the composition of the disease-associated subgingival biofilm, yet little is known about its effects during the formation of this biofilm. The present investigation was undertaken to examine the contributions of smoking to the composition and proinflammatory characteristics of the biofilm during de novo plaque(More)
Oral infections have a strong ethnic predilection; suggesting that ethnicity is a critical determinant of oral microbial colonization. Dental plaque and saliva samples from 192 subjects belonging to four major ethnicities in the United States were analyzed using terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism (t-RFLP) and 16S pyrosequencing.(More)
Although smoking and diabetes have been established as the only two risk factors for periodontitis, their individual and synergistic impacts on the periodontal microbiome are not well studied. The present investigation analyzed 2.7 million 16S sequences from 175 non-smoking normoglycemic individuals (controls), smokers, diabetics and diabetic smokers with(More)
BACKGROUND Changes in clinical profiles, microbial succession, and immune mediator fluctuations have all been separately examined during onset and resolution of experimental gingivitis in smokers. However, because both the bacterial challenge and the host response contribute to periodontal disease, the purpose of this investigation is to simultaneously(More)
AIMS Dysbiotic microbial communities underlie the aetiology of several oral diseases, especially in smokers. The ability of an ecosystem to rebound from the dysbiotic state and re-establish a health-compatible community, a characteristic known as resilience, plays an important role in susceptibility to future disease. The present investigation was(More)
SimplePipe is a simulation framework/tool based on SimpleScalar (Austin, T. et al., IEEE Computer, 2002; SimplePipe analyzes the performance effects of alternative task allocations in systems of multiple pipelines where pipeline stages are either processors or dedicated hardware functions. Tasks are defined in terms of(More)
The authors would like to supply additional information in relation to the study. The characteristics of the sample population included in the study are outlined in the table supplied. The methods pertaining to this are as follows: Informed consent and inclusion into study: Each subject who qualified for the study was explained the purpose and procedures of(More)