Vinayak Elangovan

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– The improved Situational awareness in Persistent Surveillance Systems (PSS) is an ongoing research effort of the Department of Defense. Most PSS generate huge volume of raw data and they heavily rely on human operators to interpret and inference data in order to detect potential threats. Many outdoor apprehensive activities involve vehicles as their(More)
Localization is the process of finding the geometric locations of wireless sensor nodes according to some real or virtual coordinate system. It is an important task when direct measurements of the wireless sensor locations are not available. From the various techniques evolved in localizing sensor nodes, one approach is to use the received signal strength(More)
Kinect cameras produce low-cost depth map video streams applicable for conventional surveillance systems. However, commonly applied image processing techniques are not directly applicable for depth map video processing. Kinect depth map images contain range measurement of objects at expense of having spatial features of objects suppressed. For example,(More)
Proper characterization of human Group Activity (GA) interactions can help to detect and prevent certain pertinent threats efficiently. In this paper, we present a model-based scheme for robust group activity characterization. The proposed approach takes advantage of synergy of multi-sensors data to track and identify key individual and group activity(More)
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