Vinayadatt V. Kohir

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In this paper, a method for automatic detection and efficient segmentation of brain tumor from magnetic resonance imagery has been introduced. We have proposed a variant bounding box technique for detecting brain tumor that utilizes approximate symmetry associated with the brain in an axial MR image. It detects the brain tumor by exactly circumscribing an(More)
Proposed work is aimed at finding a method to estimate a scaling parameter λ because of which minor object irregularities in the target texture image are ignored by the level set function during the process of curve evolution. Here the texture segmentation is achieved by embedding the statistical moment features in to the Level set frame work implemented as(More)
— Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANET) are characterized by multi hop wireless connectivity, infrastructure less environment and frequently changing topology. Wireless links in MANET are highly error prone and can go down frequently due to mobility of nodes. Most reactive routing protocols do not maintain routing information at the node, on link failure typically(More)
An explorative work on texture feature extraction through oblong aperture for the non random type of texture images is presented in this paper. These features are further useful for segmenting the texture regions using the level set framework. The statistical moment descriptors are obtained within a small aperture and are embedded into a level set frame(More)
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