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The impact of mobile phone (MP) radiation on the brain is of specific interest to the scientific community and warrants investigations, as MP is held close to the head. Studies on humans and rodents revealed hazards MP radiation associated such as brain tumors, impairment in cognition, hearing etc. Melatonin (MT) is an important modulator of CNS functioning(More)
As flash devices become ubiquitous in data centers and cost per gigabyte drops, flash systems need to provide data services similar to those of traditional storage. We present Mjölnir, a powerful and scalable engine that addresses the core problems that make efficient flash based data services challenging: multi-reference management and garbage(More)
Selegiline hydrochloride (SL), is an anti-Parkinson's agent, has low-oral bioavailability due to its high first pass metabolism and scarce oral absorption. In the present study, SL mucoadhesive nasal thermosensitive gel (SNT-gel) was prepared to enhance the bioavailability and subsequently, its concentration in the brain. The SNT-gel was prepared using(More)
The objective of the project is to develop a comprehensive database of Nuclear Receptor (NR) Superfamily-Ligand. Nuclear Receptor Superfamily represents one of the most important families of drug targets in pharmaceutical development. Nuclear Receptor) Superfamily-Ligand is a novel public NR-related chemical genomic database that is primarily focused on the(More)
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