Vinay Saxena

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A review of the neurological complications presenting in uremia and an account of their presumed pathophysiology is given. With the introduction of different dialytic procedures during the last twenty years, the incidence and severity of neurological complications have declined. Nevertheless, some disturbances related to the uremic syndrome fail to respond(More)
The conversion of large collections of documents from paper to digital formats that are suitable for electronic archival is a complex multi-phase process. The creation of good quality images from paper documents is just one phase. To extract relevant information that they contain, with an accuracy that fits the purpose of target applications, an automated(More)
—Network Function Virtualization (NFV) brings a cloud service automation paradigm to demand-driven elastic flexing of infrastructure resources. Thus, it is essential to characterize the impact of hardware and virtualization options on the virtual network function (VNF) performance, and on the load on underlying infrastructure. In this paper, we present VNF(More)
We have identified circulation of 3 genogroups of enterovirus (EV) A71 in India. A new genogroup (proposed designation G) was discovered during this study. We isolated genogroups D and G in wide geographic areas but detected subgenogroup C1 only in 1 focus in western India. A systematic nationwide search for EV-A71 is warranted.
In dichotic listening tasks, the (dominant) right ear's superiority in processing verbal stimuli has been attributed to its direct anatomic connection with the left dominant hemisphere. The role played by extralinguistic factors, such as attention and functional tuning of the associated cortical structures, has not been carefully examined. This(More)
The ordinary Fourier coefficients are difficult to use as input to categorizers because they contain factors dependent upon size and rotation as well as an arbitrary phase angle. From these Fourier coefficients, however, other more useful features are derived. By using these derived property constants, a distinction is made between genuine shape constants(More)
In the present study, the impact of Salmonella Typhimurium on cell-mediated immunity (CMI) was investigated in 5 week-old immuno divergent broiler lines selected for the high and low response to phytohemagglutinin-P. The immune response was assessed in peripheral-blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) induced with Salmonella Typhimurium at different time intervals(More)
The process of creating digital archive from paper based document is gaining popularity. Automated systems/frameworks for document analysis techniques have been developed, but still lack in achieving the required accuracy goals in terms of text, article identification etc. Rendering problems, such as missing graphical components, wrong reading ordering in(More)