Vinay M Bhide

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In connective tissues, intercellular adhesion is essential for tissue morphogenesis, development and wound healing. However, the signaling mechanisms initiated by cell-cell adhesion in fibroblasts and that regulate it are not known. In this study we tested the hypothesis that intracellular calcium signaling is required to mediate intercellular adhesion(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine and assess the distribution and use of Sudden Impact, a video designed by Think First and SportsSmart Canada, to help prevent spinal cord injury caused by careless shallow water diving among teenagers in the high risk group (15-24 years old). DESIGN Survey of 92 public secondary schools in Toronto, Canada. SUBJECTS The heads of(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of our study was to compare various laboratory diagnostic methods, namely histopathological examination, Ziehl-Neelsen (ZN) stain, AFB culture by conventional Lowenstein-Jensen (LJ) method and fluorescence-based mycobacterial growth indicator tube (MGIT) technique and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in clinically suspected cases of(More)
BACKGROUND Quantification of gingival crevicular fluid matrix metalloproteinase activity may provide improved assessment of periodontal disease status and response to treatment. A fluorogenic matrix metalloproteinase substrate assay (FSA) has been developed using a methoxycoumarin-containing septapeptide analog of the alpha2(I) collagen cleavage site. This(More)
Decorin is a small, leucine-rich proteoglycan that binds to collagen and regulates fibrillogenesis. We hypothesized that decorin binding to collagen inhibits phagocytosis of collagen fibrils. To determine the effects of decorin on collagen degradation, we analyzed phagocytosis of collagen and collagen/decorin-coated fluorescent beads by Rat-2 and gingival(More)
BACKGROUND Of the many forms of periodontal disease, refractory periodontal diseases are the least characterized. They are defined as the continued degeneration of the periodontium despite adequate management. This has led to the suggestion that there may be a systemic component that is a contributing factor to the development of this condition. The(More)
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