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Introduction: Patients’ rights are an integral component of human rights. An important tenet of nursing is respecting the human rights and dignity of all patients. Protecting the patient rights by the nurses only will be possible when they have gained necessary knowledge about it and suitable conditions be provided for respecting these rights. Objective: To(More)
Optical nonlinearities of spin coated ZnO thin film have been investigated by using single beam Z-Scan technique in the visible region. Xray diffraction shows that all films are oriented along the c-axis direction of the hexagonal crystal structure. The average optical transmittance of all films is higher than 80 %. The nonlinear optical parameters viz.(More)
A method is proposed for selective complexometrie determination of mercury, thiocyanate being used as masking agent. An excess of EDTA is added and the surplus is back-titrated at pH 5-6 with lead nitrate, Xylenol Orange or Methylthymol Blue being used as indicator. Thiocyanate is then added to decompose the mercury-EDTA complex and the liberated EDTA is(More)
Oral infections are very common. Bacteria and viruses usually cause oral infection. They can affect all the parts of oral cavity. Simple oral infections are limited to the mouth and are different from oral lesions which is non infectious. Many oral infections are not contagious because bacteria that exist naturally in every person’s mouth. However Herpangia(More)
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