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The genetic diversity among cereals and millets were assessed based on PCR amplification pattern derived from 4 Dof domain and 20 Dof genes specific primers. Multiple bands showing variability in terms of both number and sizes of bands ranging from 0.1 to 3.0 kbp were observed. Out of a total of 906 bands, 894 polymorphic and 12 monomorphic bands were(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks have gained worldwide attention in recent years due to the advances made in wireless communication, information technologies and electronics field. They consist of resource constrained sensor nodes that are usually randomly or manually deployed in an area to be observed, collecting data from the sensor field and transmitting the(More)
VHDL environment for floating point arithmetic and logic unit design using pipelining is introduced; the novelty in the ALU design with pipelining provides a high performance ALU to execute multiple instructions simultaneously. In top-down design approach, four arithmetic modules, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are combined to form a(More)
Inosine triphosphate (ITP) and xanthosine triphosphate (XTP) are formed upon deamination of ATP and GTP as a result of exposure to chemical mutagens and oxidative damage. Nucleic acid synthesis requires safeguard mechanisms to minimize undesired lethal incorporation of ITP and XTP. Here, we present the crystal structure of YjjX, a protein of hitherto(More)
A total of 25 Dof genes were retrieved from GRASSIUS grass regulatory information server. These sequences were in silico characterized for homology search, multiple sequence alignment for conserved Dof DNA binding domains, distribution of conserved motifs and phylogenetic relatedness with sorghum, rice and Arabidopsis. A highly conserved four cysteine(More)
In silico analysis followed by experimental validation leads us to propose that the predicted protein All0195 of Anabaena sp. PCC7120 showing enhanced expression under sodium arsenate (Na2HAsO4) stress belongs to the thioredoxin superfamily with structural similarity to bacterial arsenate reductase. The All0195 protein demonstrated C-X-TC-X-K, NTSG-X2-YR,(More)
Plant Lipoxygenases (LOX) are known to play major role in plant immunity by providing front-line defense against pathogen-induced injury. To verify this, we isolated a full-length OsLOX3 gene and also 12 OsLOX cDNA clones from Oryza sativa indica (cultivar Pusa Basmati 1). We have examined the role played by LOXs in plant development and during attack by(More)
Lens epithelium-derived growth factor (LEDGF) maintains survival pathways by augmenting the transcription of stress-response genes such as small heat-shock protein 27. Recently, aberrant expression of LEDGF was found in prostate cancer (PC). Herein, we showed that LEDGF overexpression upregulated Hsp27 in PC cells, DU145, PC-3 and LNCaP and promoted(More)