Vinay Kumar Chandna

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Release of superoxide radicals during the early phase of coronary reperfusion may result in degradation of endothelium-derived relaxing factor (EDRF), extension of myocardial injury, precipitation of arrhythmias, and stimulation of platelet aggregation. These factors may relate to the occurrence of ventricular fibrillation during reperfusion and coronary(More)
OBJECTIVE To correlate substance P content of synovial fluid with prostaglandin E2 content, radiographic evidence of joint abnormality, and anatomic location of the joint for normal and osteoarthritic joints of horses. SAMPLE POPULATION Synovial fluid from 46 normal joints in 21 horses and 16 osteoarthritic joints in 10 horses. PROCEDURE Normal and(More)
To determine the contribution of thromboxane (Tx) A2 release in reperfusion injury, 17 dogs were subjected to total coronary occlusion for 1 h and reperfusion for 1 h. Eleven dogs were treated with saline, and six were treated with selective TxA2 synthetase inhibitor U63,557A (5 mg/kg iv) 30 min before coronary artery occlusion. In all saline-treated dogs,(More)
The objective of this study was to document, through comprehensive means, normal distribution and concentration of catecholamines in various regions of the CNS of pigs, an increasingly popular animal model used for transgenic manipulation of neural genes. The effects of gonadal steroidal status on this distribution were also assessed by comparing CNS(More)
Rats were exposed to either oxygen (controls), 1.5% halothane in oxygen, or methoxyflurane (0.5%) in oxygen over a period of 2 h, then sacrificed at the end of exposure (2-h group), 4 h after removal from environmental chamber (4-h group), or at 24 h following anesthetic exposure (24-h group). Pituitary (excluding the neural lobe, Pit), brain, and spinal(More)
Previous studies indicate that anoxia results in vascular smooth muscle contraction, and this phenomenon is mediated in part by a decrease in release of endothelium-derived relaxing factor (EDRF). The role of platelets that relax blood vessels by eliciting EDRF release on anoxic contraction is not known. To examine anoxic contraction in the presence of(More)
This paper present a MATLAB-SIMULINK model of a single phase 2.5 KVA, 240V RMS controlled PV VSI (Photovoltaic Voltage Source Inverter) inverter using IGBTs (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor). The behavior of output voltage, output current, and the total harmonic distortion (THD), with the variation in input dc blocking capacitor (Cdc), for linear and(More)
Sleep analysis is usually done inside a sleep laboratory under close supervision of doctors with the help of cardiac rhythm using electro cardiography (ECG), breathing patterns, brain activities using electro encephalography (EEG), eye movement using electrooculography (EOG) and muscle activity during sleep. The data collected through these devices is thus(More)
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