Vinay Bharadwaj

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One of the major problems faced by consumers while shopping at a supermarket is the inability to locate items and also to carry goods to the billing counter. In this paper, we describe a novel cost-effective method to overcome these issues by creating a smart trolley using a web camera along with video processing to complete the tasks. In comparison with(More)
Cervical spondylosis commonly presents with its classical symptoms of intermittent neck & shoulder pain, headache with or without neurological deficit. Syncope has been reported in a very few cases of cervical spondylosis. Although rare, syncope and vertigo whenever present in Cervical spondylosis is usually preceded by its classical symptoms. When a(More)
Tubers of 101 clones of 24 potato wild species were screened for accumulation of reducing sugar during cold storage at 4°C after 3 months of storage. Significant difference in reducing sugar content was observed between and within species. Elite clones with acceptable limit of reducing sugars were identified from different wild species. Solanum spagazzinii(More)
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