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We investigated an imaging strategy that provides simultaneous measurements of radiotracer binding and behavior in awake, freely moving animals. In this strategy, animals are injected intravenously (i.v.) through a catheterized line and permitted to move freely for 30 min during uptake of the imaging agent, in this case 11C-raclopride. After this Awake(More)
Despite the widespread use of chronic brain implants in experimental and clinical settings, the effects of these long-term procedures on brain metabolism and receptor expression remain largely unknown. Under the hypothesis that intracerebral microdialysis transiently alters tissue metabolism, we performed a series of 18FDG microPET scans prior to and(More)
Preventing relapse poses a significant challenge to the successful management of methamphetamine (METH) dependence. Although no effective medication currently exists for its treatment, racemic gamma vinyl-GABA (R,S-GVG, vigabatrin) shows enormous potential as it blocks both the neurochemical and behavioral effects of a variety of drugs, including METH,(More)
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