Vinícius Ramos Toledo Ferraz

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Data integration becomes even more necessary given the increasing availability of data from distributed and heterogeneous sources. To address such heterogeneity, crisp ontologies have been employed in order to represent the semantics of integrated data. However, it is interesting to use fuzzy logic concepts in these ontologies, for a more expressive(More)
The combination of Geographic Data Warehouses (GDW) and Spatial OLAP (SOLAP) provide efficient browsing and storing of very large spatio-temporal databases. However, some advanced techniques of geovisualization are not well supported in many of these tools. Three-dimensional Thematic Mapping through Virtual Globes is one of them, and it can provide a(More)
In environmental research, data integration plays an important role given the increasing availability of heterogeneous data sources for specific features, such as soil type, climate, geographic location and so on. However, some of those features have inherently imprecise relationships and the lack of a suitable semantic model can be a major obstacle to its(More)
Ontologies have been successfully employed in applications that require semantic information processing. However, traditional ontologies are not able to express fuzzy or vague information, which often occurs in human vocabulary as well as in several application domains. In order to deal with such restriction, concepts of fuzzy set theory should be(More)
An ambulance is the type of emergency vehicle that, in order, to accomplish its mission of transporting patients in critical condition to hospitals, they must run as fast as they can through a city streets' maze. Hence, it is necessary a real-time system that could obtain anytime ambulance location. Moreover, it should advice on the best routes based on(More)
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