Vinícius Pereira Gonçalves

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In this paper, we propose an intelligent method, named the Novelty Detection Power Meter (NodePM), to detect novelties in electronic equipment monitored by a smart grid. Considering the entropy of each device monitored, which is calculated based on a Markov chain model, the proposed method identifies novelties through a machine learning algorithm. To this(More)
The growth of the elderly population in many countries makes it necessary to develop appropriate technologies for them. These include mobile phones, as they are increasingly becoming cheaper and more widespread. Furthermore, many families would like their elderly relatives to use this technology as a means of fostering digital inclusion. However, the(More)
This paper outlines our work to provide flexible smartphone interfaces targeting the elderly. Our research employs the Lancaster OpenCom middleware approach running on Android mobile phones. In this paper we present FlexInterface, an approach for a reconfigurable interface for elderly people and show how our model can help elderly people while interacting(More)
The AGL equation includes all multiple pomeron exchanges in the double logarithmic approximation (DLA) limit, leading to an unita-rized gluon distribution in the small x regime. This equation was originally obtained using the Glauber-Mueller approach. We demonstrate in this paper that the AGL equation and, consequently, the GLR equation, can also be(More)
The opacity of the Earth to incident ultra high energy neutrinos is directly connected with the behaviour of the neutrino-nucleon (σ νN) cross sections in a kinematic range utterly unexplored. In this work we investigate how the uncertainties in σ νN due the different QCD dynamic models modify the neutrino absorption while they travel across the Earth. In(More)