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The contribution of this research focus on enhancing the privacy of cloud consumer enterprises while accessing cloud service providers in SaaS interactions. This is motivated by the fact that, during SaaS service consumption, providers have disproportionate access to consumers' information. Therefore, in the way of balancing the scenario, an anonymity(More)
In this paper, we define practical schemes to protect the cloud consumer's identity (ID) during message exchanges (connection anonymity) in SaaS. We describe the typical/target scenario for service consumption and provide a detailed privacy assessment. This is used to identify different levels of interactions between consumers and providers, as well as to(More)
Av. L3 Norte – FT – ENE – LabRedes-SalaB1-01 – Asa Norte – CEP: 70910-900 – Brasília-DF-Brazil ABSTRACT With the consolidation of the Internet and other computer networks, the need of sophisticated systems to retrieve information increased enormously. In these networks, information is distributed on several machines and sometimes in different formats. In(More)
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