Vinícius Jacques Garcia

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We study the problem of allocating automatic switches in electrical networks in order to improve their reliability. Our approach combines the solution of the switch allocation problem with the related subproblem of optimal network reconfiguration. This paper presents a GRASP for solving this joint problem, as well as a faster method for the evaluation of(More)
aumentar-se a confiabilidade da rede. O interesse deste trabalho decorre do fato de que falhas no sistemas de distribuição respondem por 80% das interrupções e do fato que a instalação de chavesé uma maneira eficaz de diminuir o número de consumidores afetados por tais falhas. Neste trabalho, ´ e proposta uma metodologia para avaliação da confiabilidade de(More)
This paper proposes a multi-criteria approach to handle emergency orders under real-time conditions in electric power distribution utilities. It is described how the problem related to serve work orders in electric utilities is considered, with an aggregated objective function developed to handle the minimization of the waiting time for emergency services,(More)
In normal operation, the reconfiguration of distribution network can reduce losses, balance loads and improve quality indicators. The increasing use of remote controlled equipment in power systems leads the development of more efficient techniques for automatic reconfiguration of network, being particularly important in Smart Grid applications. This paper(More)
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