Vinícius C Gonzalez

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To determine the chronic skin effects caused by the interaction of infrared and ultraviolet B radiations, male Rattus norvegicus (Wistar) (2 months old) were exposed for 15 days to infrared radiation (600-1500 nm, with a peak at 1000 nm, n = 12) for 30 min (1080 J cm(-2) ) (IRo); to ultraviolet B radiation (peak emission at 313 nm, n = 9) for 90 min (55.08(More)
The sperm-egg interaction assay is a good predictor of the fertilizing potential of rooster semen; the ability of chicken sperm to interact with the egg can be assessed by counting the number of holes in the inner perivitelline layer (IPVL) of a freshly laid egg. Although isolated IPVL can be stored for up to 24h, preservation of IPVL for prolonged(More)
This paper analyzes the influence of infrared radiation (IR) on regeneration, after autotomy of limb buds of Neohelice granulata and consequently the time molt. Eyestalks were ablated to synchronize the start of molt. Afterward, animals were autotomized of five pereopods and divided into control and irradiated groups. The irradiated group was treated for 30(More)
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