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A MANET is a wireless network in which nodes can act as sender/receiver or even as intermediaries like routers. Nodes in a MANET may misbehave with an intent to conserve resources. This happens because of limited resources available for each node. This causes a great impact on the entire network performance. The proposed system organizes a MANET in the form(More)
A Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) is designed to store very large data sets reliably and to stream those data sets at high bandwidth to user applications. Metadata management is critical to distributed file system. In HDFS architecture, a single master server manages all metadata, while a number of data servers store file data. This architecture can’t(More)
Now a day, breast cancer is the leading cancer in women. Every year breast cancer deaths are increasing due to the late diagnosis. Breast cancer percentage is high in developed countries as compared to developing countries. Early detection gives a patient chance of longer survival. Also, it helps to reduce the mortality rates in women. Many techniques have(More)
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The development of Mobile WiMAX was considered to fulfill requirements for all major traffic types present today. This means that it will have to support voice, data and video, even simultaneously in real time applications. The hard handoff (HHO) is performed, when the connection to the serving BS is broken before creating the new connection with the target(More)
The WiMAX provides high speed internet access through the means of wireless communication. Handoff is one of the Quality of Service (QoS) parameter in the WiMAX network which supports mobility and it is the main demanding research in wireless network. The hard handoff (HHO) is performed when the connection with the SBS is broken before creating the new(More)
One of the special type of wireless network is MANET. Due to high mobility of node in MANET there is no static topology, which leads to the frequent link breakage while route discovery. Thus, link breakage problem cause an interruption in data transmission that raises routing overhead issue. Because of which End-toEnd Delay of network increases. This will(More)
Mining association rules is an essential task for knowledge discovery. From a large amount of data, potentially useful information may be discovered. Association rules are used to discover the relationships of items or attributes among huge data. These rules can be effective in uncovering unknown relationships, providing results that can be the basis of(More)