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BACKGROUND Several recent studies have found a higher lifetime prevalence of suicide attempts in homosexual males compared with heterosexual control subjects or population rates. These studies used either convenience samples, most without controls, or population-based samples in which confounding factors such as depression and substance abuse were not(More)
This paper presents an elementary statistical method for analyzing dichotomous outcomes in unselected samples of twin pairs using stratified estimators of the odds ratio. The methodology begins by first randomly designating one member of each twin pair as an "index" twin and the other member as the "co-twin." Stratifying on zygosity, odds ratios are used to(More)
OBJECTIVES To estimate the prevalence and severity of asthma in an adolescent population by sex and race. METHODS Cross-sectional, population-based survey of school children. SETTING Midwestern city experiencing damage from the 1993 Mississippi River flood. PARTICIPANTS 2,693 children attending grades 7 to 12. MEASUREMENTS Questions from the(More)
Genetic and environmental influences on insomnia were studied in 2,825 pairs of Vietnam era veteran male twins. The self-reported sleep problems studied included trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, waking often, waking tired and a composite sleep scale. Twin correlations for each of the sleep problems were larger in monozygotic than in dizygotic(More)
Videotapes of ten children with 'suspected' cerebral palsy were used as stimuli to elicit physicians' decisions regarding referral for physical therapy. Respondents were 99 developmental or general pediatricians, orthopaedists, neurologists or physiatrists who were members of the American Academy of Pediatrics or the American Academy of Cerebral Palsy. They(More)
This twin study estimates familial clustering of moderate and intense leisure-time physical activity and investigates quantitatively its genetic and environmental components. Study subjects are 3,344 male twin pairs aged 33-51 yr. Moderate activity levels were assessed with six questions about discretionary walking or stair climbing for exercise. Five(More)
BACKGROUND Asthma mortality rates in Chicago are among the highest in the United States, with substantially greater rates in poor and minority populations. How much of the differential can be attributed to differences in prevalence versus severity or access to care has not been determined. OBJECTIVE To examine rates of asthma prevalence, severity, and(More)
BACKGROUND In this study, repeated measurements were made of levels of mold spores, bacteria, and dust-mite allergens over a 7-month period in the homes of asthmatics, and relationships with measures of asthma severity were evaluated. METHODS A sample of 57 asthmatic individuals, living in 44 homes in East Moline, Illinois, and nearby communities,(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify planned dietetics outcomes of care, dietitians activities performed an recommendations made, and outcome achievement and its relationship to recommendations followed. DESIGN A multisite, single-group prospective pilot study was conducted to describe the care provided by dietitians to patients receiving enteral nutrition care. (More)
Prevalence of and risk factors for asthma were examined in 1085 Head Start families at 18 Head Start sites in four high-risk community areas in 1994. A total of 13.9% of the families reported diagnosed asthma in their Head Start child and 18.8% reported that their child wheezed in the last 12 months. A total of 26.9% of respondents reported asthma in the(More)