Vimal S. Joshi

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Urinary type calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate (CHPD) or Brushite crystals were grown by the single diffusion gel technique in silica hydro-gels. The gel framework acts as a three dimensional crucible in which the crystal nuclei are delicately held in the position of their formation and nutrients are supplied for their growth. This technique can be(More)
Measurements of the spatial and temporal coherence of single, femtosecond x-ray pulses generated by the first hard x-ray free-electron laser, the Linac Coherent Light Source, are presented. Single-shot measurements were performed at 780 eV x-ray photon energy using apertures containing double pinholes in "diffract-and-destroy" mode. We determined a(More)
Urinary calculi constitute one of the oldest afflictions of humans as well as animals, which are occurring globally. The calculi vary in shape, size and composition, which influence their clinical course. They are usually of the mixed-type with varying percentages of the ingredients. In medical management of urinary calculi, either the nature of calculi is(More)
We present a new set of optical polarization plane rotations in blazars, observed during the third year of operation of RoboPol. The entire set of rotation events discovered during three years of observations is analysed with the aim of determining whether these events are inherent in all blazars. It is found that the frequency of the polarization plane(More)
A classical nova occurs when material accreting onto the surface of a white dwarf in a close binary system ignites in a thermonuclear runaway. Complex structures observed in the ejecta at late stages could result from interactions with the companion during the common-envelope phase. Alternatively, the explosion could be intrinsically bipolar, resulting from(More)
In the present investigation, iron-manganese-nickel ternary dextro-tartrate crystals have been grown by single diffusion reaction gel growth technique in hydro silica gel.Crystals having green colourand spheruliticmorphology were grown within the gel column. The grown crystals were subjected to powder X-ray diffraction technique to study cell parameters and(More)
There are many applications of different tartrate compounds. In the present investigation Magnesium Tartrate crystals were grown by single diffusion reaction silica gel technique. Crystals having shiny white colour and spherulitic morphology were grown within silica gel column. More numbers of tiny crystals were grown at gel-liquid interface. The powdered(More)
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