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Critical analysis of engineering aspects of shaken flask bioreactors
Shaking bioreactors are the most frequently used reaction vessels in biotechnology. Since their inception, shaking bioreactors have been playing a significant role in medicine, agriculture, food,Expand
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Adsorptive removal of aniline by granular activated carbon from aqueous solutions with catechol and resorcinol
In the present paper, the removal of aniline by adsorption process onto granular activated carbon (GAC) is reported from aqueous solutions containing catechol and resorcinol separately. The TaguchiExpand
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Electrochemical denitrification of highly contaminated actual nitrate wastewater by Ti/RuO2 anode and iron cathode
Abstract The main objective of denitrification process is to obtain N2 as the final product by reduction of NO3− along with simultaneous oxidation of by-products like NH4+ and NO2−. In this study,Expand
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Comparative Studies on Nitrophenol Removal byAdsorption and Simultaneous Adsorption-Biodegradation Processes
Abstract In this paper, it was aimed to study the removal of 4-nitrophenol (NP) from aqueous solution by adsorption using granular activated carbon (GAC); and in sequencing batch reactor (SBR)Expand
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Effect of Hydraulic Retention Time and Filling Time on Simultaneous Biodegradation of Phenol, Resorcinol and Catechol in a Sequencing Batch Reactor
Abstract In the present study, treatment of synthetic wastewater containing phenol, resorcinol and catechol was studied in a sequencing batch reactor (SBR). Parameters such as hydraulic retentionExpand
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Kinetic and Thermodynamic Analysis of Thermal Decomposition of Deodar (Cedrus Deodara) Saw Dust and Rice Husk as Potential Feedstock for Pyrolysis
Abstract A comparative study on thermal analysis of two waste biomass materials of Kashmir namely deodar (Cedrus deodara) saw dust (DSD) and rice husk (RH), was carried out at different heating ratesExpand
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Conference proceedings: Thermo-mechanical processing of Steels & 5th Gleeble User Workshop India
To bring together the national experts, academia, R&D establishments, industries and students on a common platform for learning, sharing and updating the latest developments in the area ofExpand