Vilmos Totik

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L’accès aux articles de la revue « Annales de l’institut Fourier » (, implique l’accord avec les conditions générales d’utilisation ( Toute reproduction en tout ou partie cet article sous quelque forme que ce soit pour tout usage autre que l’utilisation à fin strictement personnelle du copiste est(More)
The Baker–Gammel-Wills Conjecture states that if a function f is meromorphic in a unit disk D, then there should, at least, exist an infinite subsequence N ⊆ N such that the subsequence of diagonal Padé approximants to f developed at the origin with degrees contained in N converges to f locally uniformly in D/{poles of f }. Despite the fact that this(More)
Converse results, which state a relation (inequality) for measures from that on their logarithmic potentials, are applied to local density of zeros of orthogonal polynomials when the measure of orthogonality is a general one with compact support. It will be shown that if the measure is sufficiently thick on a part of its support, then on that part the(More)
We extend Markov’s, Bernsteins’s, and Videnskii’s inequalities to arbitrary subsets of [−1, 1] and [−π,π], respectively. The primary purpose of this note is to extend Markov’s and Bernsteins’s inequalities to arbitrary subsets of [−1, 1] and [−π, π], respectively. We denote by Pn the set of all real algebraic polynomials of degree at most n and let m(·)(More)