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The ubiquity of text messaging (SMS) based mobile communication creates new opportunities for marketers. However, the factors that induce consumers to accept mobile devices as an advertising medium are not yet fully understood. This paper examines the drivers of consumer acceptance of SMS-based mobile advertising. A conceptual model and hypotheses are(More)
Using genetic markers, we investigated the genetic structure of three clonal aquatic moss species, Calliergon megalophyllum Mikut., Fontinalis antipyretica Hedw. and F. hypnoides Hartm. on two scales: among populations in a connected lake system (large-scale spatial genetic structure) and among individuals within populations (fine-scale spatial genetic(More)
In most countries, consumer adoption of digital mobile telecommunications has been faster than that of the Internet. It has been estimated that during 2005 nearly 50 % of European adults will be using mobile terminals that are multimedia enabled. This allows the transmission of pictures, applications, music and video over to mobile phones. The rise of the(More)
The complexing properties of the sub-isoforms of several mammalian Zn-containing metallothioneins (ZnMT) from different origins (rat, rabbit and human foetal livers) have been investigated by capillary zone electrophoresis coupled to diode array detection (CZE-DAD). MTs were submitted to three different experiments: gradual additions of Cd to MT at pH 8.0,(More)
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