Ville Salo

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We present constructions of countable two-dimensional subshifts of finite type (SFTs) with interesting properties. Our main focus is on properties of the topological derivatives and sub-pattern posets of these objects. We present a countable SFT whose iterated derivatives are maximally complex from the computational point of view, constructions of countable(More)
We study the message size complexity of recognizing, under the broadcast congested clique model, whether a fixed graph H appears in a given graph G as a minor, as a subgraph or as an induced subgraph. The n nodes of the input graph G are the players, and each player only knows the identities of its immediate neighbors. We are mostly interested in the(More)
We study the computational and structural aspects of countable two-dimensional SFTs and other subshifts. Our main focus is on the topological derivatives and subpattern posets of these objects, and our main results are constructions of two-dimensional countable subshifts with interesting properties. We present an SFT whose iterated derivatives are maximally(More)
We study the geometric properties of Cantor subshifts in the Besicovitch space, proving that sofic shifts occupy exactly the ho-motopy classes of simplicial complexes. In addition, we study canonical projections into subshifts, characterize the cellular automata that are contracting or isometric in the Besicovitch or Weyl spaces, study continuous functions(More)