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We describe the architecture and initial implementation of the next-generation of Grid Data Management Middleware in the EU DataGrid (EDG) project. The new architecture stems from our experience together with the user requirements gathered during the two years of running our initial set of Grid Data Management Services. All of our new services are based on(More)
This paper presents a novel way of using real-time heart rate information to control a physically interactive biathlon (skiing and shooting) computer game. Instead of interfacing the game to an exercise bike or other equipment with speed output, the skiing speed is directly proportional to heart rate. You can freely choose the form of physical exercise,(More)
Visualization of sound propagation inside rooms is one of the main purposes of room acoustic simulations. Visu-alization is often applied in teaching, but also consultants need visualization to understand better the propagation of sound waves in complex cases. Traditionally, propagation paths of sound rays or image sources (representing reflections) have(More)
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