Ville-Markus Korpijarvi

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In this work the photoconductivity of a p-i-n Ga<inf>0.952</inf>In<inf>0.048</inf>N<inf>0.016</inf>As<inf>0.984</inf>/GaAs multiple quantum well (MQW) structure is investigated as a function of temperature. At low temperatures step-like increases are observed in the devices I&#x2013;V characteristic when illuminated with a 950nm wavelength light. The number(More)
The temperature dependence of GaAs and InP SOA materials is investigated experimentally in this work. The direct comparison study verified that Dilute Nitrides are less temperature sensitive showing enhanced thermal stability on ASE spectrum and gain measurements in CW mode. Wavelength Conversion experiment at 10 Gb/s verified that GaAs SOA keeps up with(More)
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